As well as direct sales (see below) Robin manages shops on Reverb and Ebay; selling four track recorders, studio gear, update disks, vintage electronics etc




Sculptures can be ordered directly Many sculptures are available.

There is also an Etsy shop for the sculptures, though this is currently offline. 

Valve Overdrive 


Selectable pre/power amplifier valve stage with opamp boost circuit for extra beef.  Runs on 9 to 12v DC (not included)

3.5mm jacks input and output.

Many variations on overdrive and distortion, even compression, are possible with this device.  It can be used with or without an amplifier.  The boost stage delivers a very loud output.

Classic look and feel with oversize aluminium knobs and metal bodied case.  Of course, the valve lights during use.

At home in any studio or live set up, this is a one-off creation, unique in the world!

Contact to buy:  195e

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