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I was commissioned to make a music video for SEE THRU HANDS, a Manchester based band. Yeah! Myself and founding member Duncan Jones are long time friends; it was great to collaborate again on a music project.

Watch it on SEE THRU HANDS channel:

Bandcamp release:

Press Release for the single:

See Thru Hands Modern Home PR MOE003 FINALv3
Download PDF • 742KB


I used a combination of some abstract colour shapes using a video feedback synthesizer I DIYd (post upcoming) and a circuit bent video enhancer, as well as some feedback from the video mixer to create the effected video stream. I edited the results on the 'puter to make the final piece. No digital effects other than a couple of overlays were added in post.

Cover art:

I took a shot of a coloured shape from the video for the cover art:

Reducing (decimating?!) the colour palette even made it look similar to the old teletext look, which was a happy accident : )

Here it is again in big so you can enjoy the detail:

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