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Recently I got a Roland MV8000. It is a fabulous piece of kit, and I have been really enjoying making tunes with it. I enjoy chaotic noise and crazy noises and improvising performances, however I also like to be able to sequence full tracks, from time to time : ) This MV8000 did not come with a VGA option board (although it did come with the extremely rare separate analogue and digital audio output board)

I decided to make a VGA board, as the instructions are easily found online, and it's fairly easy to complete (wiring only, no electronics) This is different to the official version, which has transistors (presumably buffering?) the video signals.

Here's one video on how to make one:

I won't really use the VGA board much, as I prefer to use the MV8000 as it is. Using the buttons is much more enjoyable than using a mouse. Still, I like making things, and it will be a useful addition to the machine.

I was able to install my mod into the blank panel which came with the machine.

I made a DIY pin header. picture 5 below (it's a non-standard size of pin on the internal connector, they are small) so that the modification is completely removable and the official Roland part can be installed if desired. (some guides cut the connector and solder the cables directly. I'm not into that)

With the holes drilled, it looks very tidy, and it fits perfectly inside the MV8000.

Some pics of the work (there are repeating images, I can't seem to remove them from the gallery)

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