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I have a couple of very clean PSUs at 12v. They can deliver 5A(!) of current. As this is an extremely high amp rating (for most of my devices) I decided to make better use of the available power, saving some plugs and space at the same time!

Most devices I use draw about 300mA max. Some are much lower. So you could potentially have a LOT of devices all from a single 5A 12v supply.

I ordered a few voltage regulators in order to have a couple of different voltages supplied.

The design has 1 input, and 6 outputs. 3 outputs are the same as the voltage input (12v in this case, though I do have a 15v supply which can also be used)

The other 3 outputs are 5v, 6v, and 9v. I toyed with the idea of inverting one or more of the sockets, so you can have a pesky tip negative supply as well. Perhaps I will include this on the next power utility box. I will make another to use with the 2nd 5A 12v supply.

I'm considering mounting a switch underneath the case to select 3.3v from the 5v regulator, and adding a 3.3 regulator next to the 5v. So you can switch the output of 5v to the input of 3.3v, and have a regulated 3.3v available

. The switch being mounted under the case would help prevent accidental operation.

It works well. Now I have to make up some more jumper cables to be able to connect more devices!

Utility box 2 will use more copies of the original voltage, with perhaps a couple of inverted sockets.

Some more images:

No fancy artwork needed. I like the odd selection of threes: I did not plan that, just came by itself.

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