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Gijs Gieskes makes amazingly detailed and crazy designs. I've been following his work since 2008. His projects are really out there, and you can buy some of the projects either in kit form or assembled. We were both on at the same show a few years ago in Den Bosch, Holland; it was great fun. I got the video synth kit built quickly, and it worked perfectly!

Here is the product page:

Some IR leds were missing from the kit, however I had bought some IRs in error 3 years ago and still had them in stock. They are slightly different spec though they work fine (they are used to drop the incoming video voltage to a specific level)

I was really happy I could complete the build without needing replacements to arrive.

It's a fairly complex build, though after building two Haible designs, this one seemed easy! I was thorough and took my time with it, even though I completed it quickly it wasn't rushed. I was just really keen to start using it : )

It is well designed, looks great, fun to use. Probably I will get his Schele mixer to use with it (wonky mixing of video signals) I have already built a small plugin to use with it (see next post) which is a Quad pot plugin (extra controls, patched how you want them to work) I ordered a comparator plugin kit with the synth kit. The plugins plug into the header, and you can get more functions/control out of them, depending on how you want to use it/them.

The comparator basically inverts/flips the input, when the pot reaches a threshold, making it easy to make complex sudden changes and back again.

It generates RGB colours in patterns with oscillators, and also generates audio from the oscillators controlling the video signals. Control the RGB levels with the knobs/switches on the panel, LFOS on patch bay header, , plugins to the header (like comparator, oscillator, there are designs available to make your own) and also control with audio inputs (for each channel RG and B) or CV voltages. Video input is also possible and can be switched in and out of each colour channel.

Here is some video and pictures of the build. I LOVE THIS SYNTH! I was mesmerised the first time I saw one, the patterns are SO BEAUTIFUL.

Comparator plugin:

Without panel

Angles (and comparator again)

It is hard to photograph or film the screen because it is a CRT. I will soon be able to digitize the images and video through some conversion boxes. This is a nice shot though:

Some others. I'm shooting from the side angle here to try and reduce the interference. Filming the screen is even more difficult to get a good image. It must be digitized to display on digital devices.

Just need to sign it!


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