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Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Analog(ue) delay FX are very lovely. The Haible Triple Chorus is a 3 line (3 different speeds of delay FX) BBD (Bucket Brigade Delay) effect. It has a warm three band EQ, and it's possible to turn off the modulation (and only have EQ) and just bypass all the FX for a dry output. It is an emulation of the "Solina" string machine ensemble effect.

This is kind of a tricky build in that there is no support, and all the parts must be sourced yourself: it is not a kit. However, there are some links online to other builds which help with cross referencing images and electronics supplier shopping carts. Happily, there is nothing to calibrate or extremely rare parts.

For the PSU I used a toroidal transformer. I researched everything I needed to know thoroughly (as you should when working with AC) before starting work. AC VOLTAGE CAN BE LETHAL > ONLY WORK WITH AC IF YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO DO!

Very happy with the colour, although I will repaint the case at some point. Though it does look great anyway, the finish can be a lot better when you see it in daylight.

Here is the build in pictures, links under the gallery:

I found this helpful when calculating the primary fuse:

And this when calculating the Xformer wiring ( I used series IN for 230v and parallel OUT for 18vAC @ max amp output):

Links to other builds of the Haible Triple Chorus:

PCBs are available from Random Source:

RIP JUERGEN HAIBLE x and thank you for your design legacy

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