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Updated: Jul 9, 2022

The ART FXR is a master piece of studio quality multiFX. Not really, however it is worth picking up under 30e. It does have some pretty good combos on there, as well as the reverb sounds alright too. I prefer low end these days. It sounds best however, when you animate the clock speed frequency changes with a complex CV source. I added this feature, and some short circuits to the RAM, which give some feedback and or bang noises (like when you hit a spring reverb tank) I modded one of these before, it's great fun. Sometimes it can take a while to get the sound you want, it can do very very crazy noises, and with the bends off it's a 1990s era preset multi fx. It sounds a bit different from the last one I had, I may have damaged something! : ) who knows, it matters not: Sounds Awesome!

I would like to point out that this is a semi permanent rehousing! I will change the case again when I find a cool one for free or cheap. Something industrial I expect. EDIT: I found some cool oversize stickers and have increased the visual appeal by over 700%


Audio 1:

Audio 2:

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