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Updated: Jun 11

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This Alpha 2 is for sale, get in touch if you want a great example of this very underrated Roland synth:

A list of the work done:

Aftertouch strip REPLACED, working better than new! (most of these alphas left the factory with poor aftertouch response)

All electrolytic caps in PSU replaced with high quality Panasonics. Back light inverter (from old display) components desoldered and removed from PSU.

Power socket replaced with 3 pin and grounded to metal case. Power switch replaced (with skirt, protected from accidental power off) All 35 tact switches replaced.

OLED display (blue on black) installed. OS EPROM desoldered and replaced with socket. New OS EEPROM burned and installed.

Battery socket installed on motherboard. Battery replaced with Panasonic. Encoder (alpha dial) replaced with new ALPS encoder. All rubber key contacts cleaned in ultrasonic bath with 90% alcohol. All PCB key contacts cleaned with 70% alcohol. Volume Fader cleaned with Caig fader lube.

All keys removed, cleaned and polished by hand. 1 key replaced (bottom C) Synth cleaned well outside and inside.

Initialisation procedures performed.

Presets reloaded.


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