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Exhibition Artworks @ FAQLab: Willem Twee, Den Bosch

I've been asked to exhibit my work at Willem Twee in Den Bosch on the 15th September 2018! As well as the sculptures some of my DIY audio modules (using ewaste of course!) will be demonstrated.

This is a FAQLAB event organized in part by Martijn at (see all the details of the performers and content here)

The event is organized to celebrate the reopening of the (very special) analogue recording studios at this location.

On the day itself there is a group soldering activity, DIY synth modules shop and tell, food, ewaste sculpture exhibition, and also live audio performances throughout the evening and late into the night. We attended one of these events before. It was a great day all round, such a friendly and interested atmosphere. They even have Guinness in the bar!


Some pictures of the 1950s test gear studios below. Also present are a 1970s synth studio and a 1980s synth studio. Courses are offered in each studio.

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