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Intuitive musical video pieces based on your personal Astrological Natal Chart

Your composition is a gift to yourself. Transmitting healing, protection and power from the highest realms, each return communicates a different experience 

What is Astrovideology?

After discovering the fascinating field of Galactic Astrology, I was inspired to make intuitive musical video creations based on the astrological natal chart (the positions of the heavenly bodies at the time/place of birth)


This is Astrovideology


I have always felt the influences of lunar, solar events, positions and planetary transits very strongly indeed.  Music and colour have always captivated my soul, which is very experienced in these frequencies. Sound and colour are super healing powers.

The pieces are played and recorded live, using no timing or pitch correction, on hardware instruments.  I may sing sounds, or use some of my personal collection of recorded natural sounds.  Different tunings are used for each piece, currently in 12 notes per octave. 

After the music is created, coloured light codes in video are added in a live performance. Using self-assembled hardware video synthesizers I generate patterns and colours, using timing from the music piece and hands on controls.  Mixing with the colour patterns are images of sacred geometric patterns, stars and planets.


The finished piece is a beautiful audiovisual experience.  I am blessed with a very strong connection to higher realms. This allows infinite information to be encoded in the composition, in the form of sound, silence, colour, light, geometry.  Like a window on a moving vehicle, every time you look there is something new to experience!

As well as intuiting compositions for personal natal charts, a new piece is created for lunar transits and other astrological events.  These can be streamed and freely downloaded - see players below:







"It’s such an uplifting piece and it makes me feel happy every time I listen to it!  I knew which notes were coming next before I’d even heard them! 


Anne Marie:

The video adds such a fantastic element to it... like light codes, or downloads,  connecting to where I came from. I love it! Thank you!!!

QSG Practitioner


"Thank you!  It's really beautiful and I'm very happy with it.  I'm going to listen to it in my meditation"

Animal Communicator

Commission your piece:

Thank you

Composing a piece takes around 3 hours.  The current cost is 199e.  Payment is accepted by paypal. 


You will receive audio and video files separately and combined (a video+audio, and an audio piece)


If you are sensitive to quickly moving lights let me know, I will use slow patterns only for your piece : )

To create a personal composition I will need to receive your birth information to look up your natal chart:


Birthdate, year, month, day. To avoid confusion with American/European styles, please write the date in plain text.


Time of birth (HH:MM)


Place of birth (City/town+Country)

I look forward to composing your piece! 

If you are interested in musical branding, musical logo creation, please get in touch and we can explore some options.

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